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Inspirational Message

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Free Online Newspapers

We used to be called "Arm Chair Genealogists" because we never went onsite to do research.  Back then, before the Internet was available to the public, I wrote lots of letters to archives, repositories, libraries, court houses, etc.  None of them charged a fee to ask a question, but there were fees for copies plus postage if they had a record in which I was interested.

Times haven't really changed all that much for me.  I still do my research from home, only I use the Internet to find the resources before I write a letter or send an email request.
One of my favorite resources are newspapers.  I can spend hours browsing through newspaper microfilm!

My research  is focused on New York.  I am not able to travel to New York so I appreciate two wonderful sites that have some newspapers digitized and freely available online.  One I have mentioned in other posts,, and the other one is Northern New York Historical Newspapers,  Fulton History covers the whole state of New York.  Both websites use the same search engine and I always select "the exact phrase" so I can find Mrs. Bishop, or Clarence E Bishop or James L Bishop.  Otherwise, I will receive hits for the Bishop of the Catholic Church.  Check out my other posts of transcriptions of the newspaper articles I found on these two sites.

I  use these two sites to research my Hoag, Holly/Holley, Graves, Bishop, Fall, and other lines that originated in Northern New York.   I have also visited the Library of Congress website and searched through their digitized newspaper collection.

I really appreciate all the hours spent digitizing these newspapers!  Best part of genealogy is sharing resources and good finds!

Keep up the hunt!

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