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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Royal H. Hazelton Probate

I recently visited the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City looking for a will for Royal H. Hazelton.  I found his probate case file #4085.  I downloaded the images to a flash drive and viewed them on my computer this morning.  Fortunately, it gives his will number in the will file, #797(8). The last digit is hard to make out, so I will look for both numbers.  The microfilm of wills is not indexed but they are in numerical order so this should be fairly easy to locate.  I have found that it takes longer to download these images than I plan.  For example, his probate was 36 images and the process of capturing the images is slow.  One great find in the probate is the name of his widow and his children:

Mehitabel Hazelton, widow, Thomas Hazelton, Royal H. Hazelton, Alpheus Hazelton, Teresa Tannyhill, Sally Luce, Amanda Goroat(?) all of Greene County, MO; Nathaniel Hazelton of Texas; Acenth Willis and Sophrona Hearney/Kearny of Indiana; and Polly Rinker of Iowa.

I found a document in the file for Martha A. Hazelton, deceased. Martha's heirs are listed as: Thomas Hazelton, Marion Hazelton, Ida Hendrix (daughter of Jane Hendrix formerly Hazelton), Amanda Gilfrey, Harvey H. Hazelton, John Hazelton, James Hazelton, Christopher C. Hazelton, Abraham L. Hazelton. Reside at last account Lane Co Oregon, and George W. Hazelton (Republic, MO).
I have located this Hazelton family in Lane County, Oregon in the 1860 and 1870 Federal Censuses.  
R H Hazelton is Royal Harvey and I presume is the Harvey listed in the probate.  The name Royal was passed down many times.  Royal Harvey married twice, both wives were named Martha.  The children listed in the probate file are from the first marriage to Martha Ann Reynolds.  According to a memorial posted on Find-A-Grave, they were divorced 11 Nov 1871.  That explains why her heirs are listed in the probate.  I don't know if Harvey came back to Greene County between 1870 and 1880, as he and his second wife, Martha A, and 7 year-old son, Royal Harvey, are in enumerated in the 1880 Federal Census in Lane County, Oregon.  According to the probate he was residing in Greene County at the time the will was probated.

I found a message on the message boards at Ancestry when I was looking for the death/burial information for Royal.  I found two locations listed in different family trees online.  One stated Greene County, Missouri and the other was Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Mehitable is buried in Polk County, Iowa but died in Dallas County, Iowa.  On the Dallas County Message Board I found someone looking for information on Royal. She is descended from Nathaniel and sent me an excerpt from a narrative that was displayed at the Greene County Library in Springfield, Missouri. The narrative states that Royal died aboard ship off the coast of Baton Rouge, LA and his son, Thomas, was on board the ship with him.  I searched on the Louisiana Secretary of State's website and found an index for New Orleans Port Arrivals from Jan - Jul in 1851.  I found one entry, but it was in March of 1851, not June.  I need to find the burial place for Royal. I don't know if he was brought up the Mississippi to Missouri or interred in Baton Rouge.

The best part of genealogy, after discovering new information, is the hunt never ends!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Life Happens

It has been six weeks since my last post.  Why?  We bought a house and moved.  It's always a new adventure to move into a new-to-me home.  This one was built before 1960 so there are no grounded plugins anywhere.  Using three-prong adapter for the time being.

Anyway, I have had a MyFamily website since they created them many years ago.  I liked this way of sharing my research with family members. has decided to "retire" this product so I requested a download of all of my photos that were shared over the years.  I sent an email to the members of the site I set up to let them know if they want any of the photos that were shared, to log in and get them download ASAP.  I have downloaded the photos and renamed them since the zipped folder just had numbers, nothing posted was included in the download.  This is disappointing and the iCalendar won't open with Outlook either. I don't know what platform they used to create it. The site goes dark in September. Needless to say, I am disappointed.  

I don't like the idea of a publicly shared family tree.  It's not that I own my ancestors, it's that I want to protect the integrity of my research and don't anyone copying content.  

Now that things are finally settling down, I will be back posting on my blog soon!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

52 Ancestors: #15 Eunice wife of Joel Higley

After posting #14 Joely Higley, I received an email from a distant cousin.  I had never put much thought into filling in Eunice's pedigree, I had done a preliminary search but the results weren't helpful. I really didn't have enough information to work with.  What I had been given stated that she was a Haskins and was born 14 January 1746 in Simsbury, Hartford County, CT.  I am still waiting on another Higley researcher to respond to my most recent email asking for the source of the Haskins information.  This new found cousin quoted from the book:

COMPILED BY JUDGE OLIVER SEYMOUR PHELPS, Of Portland, Oregon, and ANDREW T. SERVIN. Of Lenox, Mass. In Two Volumes.—VOL. II. published by Eagle Publishing Company, of pittsfield, mass. 1899. 

On page 1295 in Volume II it states: 218. IX. Eunice, b. Simsbury, Ct., about 1750, m. Joel
Higley. Settled in Ohio.

This Eunice is the daughter of Jonathan Phelps and Martha Loomis.  

In 2009, I received a 33 page report on the Higley family which states that Eunice Haskins b. 14 January 1746 is the daughter of Alexander Haskins and Thankful Evans.   

On I searched for Thankful Evans and received the following result:

Name: Thankfull Evins
Gender: Female
Christening Date:
Christening Place:
Birth Date: 31 Mar 1712
Death Date:
Name Note:
Father's Name: Samuel Evins
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name:
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: 7450325
System Origin: Connecticut-ODM
GS Film number: unknown
Reference ID:

"Connecticut, Births and Christenings, 1649-1906," index, FamilySearch
( : accessed 27 Apr 2014), Thankfull Evins, 31 Mar 1712; citing ; FHL microfilm unknown.
In my searches for books on HeritageQuest for Higley or Phelps,  all agree that Higley and Phelps families came from Windsor to Simsbury.  The above would seem to be a possible match for Thankful Evans who married Alexander Haskins.
When I search for Alexander Haskins, I only get results for Alexander Hoskins.  There are two such men, father and son, presumably.  One born in 1705 and one in 1739.  There is a Eunice Hoskins born 14 Sept 1734 in Windsor, CT to Alexander Hoskins and his wife Mindwell.  This Alexander, born in 1739, died in 1773 at age 33.  A search for Mindwell with no surname comes up empty. A possibility would be to search for a will for Alexander in 1773.

The Higley family did move to Ohio in 1803 and both the Higley book and the Phelps book agree on this point.  A theory is that Eunice was really a Phelps and since her mother remarried to Zebulon Hoskins after Jonathan's death in 1757, she either went by the name Hoskins or her descendants incorrectly identified her by the name Hoskins.  Larkin's History of Meigs County, Ohio is the first source I found for information on my Higley line.  Eunice in this book is noted as Haskins.  

Simsbury Historical Society's website states they are creating an archives database that will be linked online. I am eagerly awaiting its debut. Otherwise, I need to visit them in Simsbury, CT to look through their archives.  

Here is the list of records I would like to find:

1. The will of Jonathan Phelps. Page 1294 states: His will, dated 28 Sept., 1737, probated at Hartford, mentions his wife Martha, sons Jonathan and Austin, three daughters, Martha Barber, Eunice and Margaret Phelps.  Another books states the year was 1757 not 1737. From page 1324:  "214. Martha Phelps, b. Westfield, Mass, 29 Aug, 1735, removing soon with her father to Simsbury, Ct., m. 6 July, 1755, Daniel Barber, b. Simsbury, 1732, where he settled, and d. is April, 1779, and where his wife d. 15 Dec, 1821, in her 87th year. He was a farmer."  This would make the 1757 date more probable.

2. The will of Alexander Hoskins who died in 1773.  Perhaps it names his daughter Eunice as an heir. I found a Hoskins genealogy that names an Alexander born 1706  but doesn't give any further information on him. 

3. A marriage record to Joel Higley.  His first child, Rachel, was born about 1762. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

52 Ancestors: #14 Joel Higley

Joel Higley 
1739 - 1825

Joel Higley, an American Revolutionary Soldier, was born in Hartford County, CT.  


Joel married Eunice Haskins who was also born in Hartford County.  They resided in this place until they moved west to Meigs County, Ohio.  This where I first learned that I had Higley ancestors.  My aunt had shared family group sheets with me back in the mid 1980s and when the Internet became available to the general public, I started searching for more information.  The project was one of my first and favorite places to find information that had been transcribed by volunteers and placed online at no charge, that FREE to everyone.  When I began this search I had only a name, Sophia Stearns Williams.  She married the Reverend James Gibson Mitchell in Meigs County, Ohio.  When I searched for the Williams surname, up popped the name Electa Williams.  A bell rang loud and clear, since Sophia and James Mitchell had a daughter named Electa who married William Cushing Hoag, my 2nd great grandfather.  The link to Electa Williams took me to Rootsweb's World Connect Family Tree project.  The source for the information is listed as Larkin's Pioneer History of Meigs County.  I found the digital image of the book on, one of my favorite places to find information.  All the pieces started coming together!  Since my first discovery I have since found enough evidence to prove Joel Higley was my ancestor and add him as a patriot to my NSDAR membership.   Archive had several digital books on Granby, CT.  I plan to do more research on Joel to learn who his parents were and when they came to America.

Love the hunt!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

52 Ancestors: #13 David Manuel Logan

David Manuel Logan

1773 - 1855

I have two family histories written about David Manuel Logan.  One is written by David M. Logan in 1971, Okmulgee, Oklahoma titled A Branch of the Logan Family Tree.  The introductions states, in part, "This is named "A Branch of the Logan Family Tree" because it records only a branch of the Logan family tree.  It gives, insofar as could be obtained, a list of the descendants of David Manuel Logan.  He lived in middle Tennessee shortly after the Revolutionary War.  His second child was named Tarlton Logan.  Mrs. Ora Ellen (Logan) Doyle has published "Our Logan History, 1803 - 1966," which tabulates all of Tarlton Logan's descendants.  Therefore, they are omitted from this book."  The author states "All of it has been given to Mrs. Jay Frazier, Box 184F Route 4, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma" I hope she will preserve it and make it available for a revision in later years."  This author was a very forward thinking man, genealogy research is a continuous journey. 

David Manuel Logan married Mary Hodges who died in Farmington, Tennessee in 1850.  This is in Marshall county.  Most of my searches for more information on her, came up empty.  Searching on Marshall county page, which is up for adoption, I found a list of cemeteries in Farmington.

Bethbirei Cemetery
Cathey Cemetery
Chapman Cemetery
Clay Hill Cemetery
Daniels Cemetery
Elliott Cemetery
Fisher Cemetery
Hopper Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
King Cemetery
Laws Cemetery
Long Cemetery
McQuiddy Cemetery
Mount Lebanon Cemetery
Powell Cemetery
Smyrna Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery
Wilhoite Cemetery
This information gives me a starting point on locating her grave in Farmington, neither of the books give the location.  

David Manuel Logan went to Mississippi, where he died between 1833 and 1838, taking with him his slaves, numbering 25 according to to David M. Logan.  David Manuel Logan's son, Tarleton, settled his father's estate prior to the Civil War.  Tarleton was living in Greene County, Missouri at the time and didn't want to take the slaves to Missouri.  He gave them each $5 and their freedom.  The author states the location could be Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi.   I haven't been able to prove this.

I don't know why he went to Mississippi and left her in Tennessee.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about the life of David Manuel Logan.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

52 Ancestors: #12 Harriet Matilda Hayes

Harriet Matilda Hayes

1818 - 1884

Harriett Matilda Hayes was my third great grandmother and the daughter of Edmund Hayes and Sarah Whitacre.   Born in Columbiana County, Ohio on the 21st of October in 1818.  Her mother came from a Quaker family who migrated to Ohio from Loudoun County, Virginia.  Edmund was not of their faith so Sarah was disowned for marrying outside the faith.  Harriett was the eighth of ten children born to Edmund and Sarah.  She married Hiram B Louthan in Columbiana County, Ohio.  The entry in the marriage book states, 
H. Louthan & H. Hayes was married February 27, 1834 Hiram Louthan and Harriett Hayes by me, Thomas Whitacre, E. C. C.
Returned 10 April 1834 recorded by Clk. 
 Very little is known about the man she married, my third great grandfather.  Hiram and Harriett had five children, Oliver Perry, James Fife, John Cope, Sarah Jane and Margaret M between 1834 and 1844.  Sarah died about 1845 and apparently so did Hiram.  Burial place unknown.  Harriett's parents  moved to Washington County, Ohio  and Harriet is in Washington County and married to William Ormiston at the time of the 1850 census.  Their marriage took place there on the 13th of March in 1847. William was born in Scotland on the 25th day of June in 1824 to David Ormiston and Jane Bell.  The marriage record for Harriett and William Ormiston states,
William Ormiston to Harriet Louthan This is to certify that on the thirteenth day of March A. D. 1847 I joined in marriage Mr. William Ormiston and Harriet Louthan both of Barlow by virtue of a license for that purpose.  H N Ford Jp   Rec'd and recorded April 17 1847 Attest S M Evert Clerk
Try as I might, a death date and burial location for Hiram is no where to be found in either Columbiana County or Washington County.

Harriet and William Ormiston had eight children between 1848 and 1863.  I don't have a lot of information on these children in my database even though I have regular contact with one of their descendants.

Harriet's son, John Cope Louthan, married Anna Jane Haddow.  Anna Jane was the daughter of Robert Haddow and Janet Ormiston.  Robert and Janet were both born in Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1796 and 1799, respectively.  Janet's brother, David Ormiston. is the father of William Ormiston who married Harriet Louthan.  Confused yet?  So, I am genetically related to the Ormistons.  

Harriet's sons and husband, William, fought for Ohio in the Civil War.  I wrote to NARA and purchase copies of the pension files along with the pension file of their brother-in-law, Alexander Ellis.  I highly recommend purchasing these files for your ancestors.  They are a wealth of information.  John Cope participated in battles from Maryland to Georgia.  

Following the Civil War, John and Oliver Louthan  and Harriet and William Ormiston, moved their families to Linn County, Missouri.  Here is where Oliver remained along with his descendants.  I have yet to make contact with any of his living descendants, sadly.  John and his wife Anna, had seven children, only the first three survived to adult age, Samuel, Edwin and Robert.  Anna died in Linn County in 1881 and is buried in the cemetery at Purdin.  Harriet died there as well in 1884 and is buried in the same cemetery.  After Harriet died, William  married a woman named Adaline in 1886.  They moved to New Sharon, Mahaska County, IA where they are enumerated in the 1900 census.  William's occupation or source of income is listed as Pension. He too fought in the Civil War.  I do not have his pension file.  According to the 1895 Iowa State Census, William fought in Co. D., 148th Ohio Infantry rank of private.  Adaline was born in Ohio about 1833.  I checked for a marriage in Missouri or Iowa and came up empty.  I need to check the online family tree to see if there is more information available on William and Adaline.

John Cope Louthan remarried to Mary Ann Elizabeth Hale and they moved to Barber County, Kansas taking with them John's sons; Sam, Ed and Bert.  John and Mary Ann had ten children born in Kansas and Oklahoma. His brother, James was already living there with his family. Sister Margaret and Alexander Ellis were also living in Kansas, just north of Barber County in Stafford County.  I think these children stayed in touch throughout their lives, however, John's children did not stay in contact with any of their Louthan cousins.    Some of Harriet and William's children migrated to Seward County, Kansas and others stayed in Missouri.  

Harriet's descendants are as numerous as the stars in the sky!  I have been invited to the Ormiston reunion many times but have never made it.  Perhaps 2014 will be that year!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

52 Ancestors: #11 Royal Hary Hazelton

Royal Harvey Hazelton

1786 - 1851
Royal Harvey Hazelton was born in Vermont on the 1st of March in 1786.  He married Mehitable Arms about 1808.  This is where my search begins for more information on Royal and a possible American Revolution soldier for his father.  I read a post on Facebook about Mocavo being free to search.  I had signed up for this site a long time ago, but didn't find anything useful at that time.  This time I entered Hazelton and keyword New York.  Why New York?  Royal and Mehitable's first child Asenath was born in Madison County, New York in 1808.  As I noted in my post on Mehitable, my only source of information on this line is Lois Hupfer's book.  I was amazed to find a county history mentioning Royal H Hazelton from New York. It is a history of the Williamette Valley in Oregon!

 It is interesting to note that this Royal H. Hazelton is the third to be named Royal  in this family.  I don't have a son named C. C. in my database.  What I do show is Royal Harvey Hazelton b. 5 Nov 1819 in Tippecanoe, IN and died 5 Sept 1886 in Lane County, OR.  I only have one child identified, Royal Harvey Hazelton b abt. 1873.  

More questions and few answers!  This was the only hit I found searching on Mocavo.  

Going to I checked the 1850 Census for Royal Hazelton.  I found him and his wife Martha living in Polk Township, Greene County, Missouri.  The family is enumerated as:
658/658 Royal H Hazelton age 30 a Farmer born in IN, Martha age 25 born in Ten, Thomas age 9, Jane age 7, Amanda age 6, Marion age 5, Samuel age 3 and Harvey R age 10/12 all born in Missouri.  
I don't see any child name C. C. in this family.  I have Martha's maiden name as Boren.   I checked the 1860 - 1870 censuses for Oregon, since I didn't get any hits in Missouri.  

In 1860, here is the family where I expected them to be, Coast Fork Precinct, Lane County, Oregon.

R H Hazleton M 39 Indiana Wagon Maker Master
Martha A Hazleton F 38 Tennessee House Wife
Thomas P Hazleton M 19 Missouri Wagon Maker
Mary J Hazleton F 18 Missouri
Amanda Hazleton F 16 Missouri
Marion Hazleton M 14 Missouri
Hamson Hazleton M 10 Missouri
John W Hazleton M 8 Missouri
Wm Hazleton M 6 Oregon
James A Hazleton M 4 Oregon
Christophr C Hazleton M 1 Oregon
Almer Kuris M 20 Illinois Laborer
Robert Catha M 28 Missouri Wagon Maker Master

Now I know the full name of the C. C. in the biographical sketch above.  Sometimes, the author of the sketches writes in a manner that is very confusing.  
Interestingly, in 1870 R H Hazelton is in Cottage Grove, Coast Fork Precinct, Lane County, Oregon where I expected him to be, however, now he is stating he was born in New York. 
87/87 Hazelton, R H age 50 M W Farmer (real estate)$2500/$715,born in NY
No one is living with him.

The 1880 census proved very interesting, the family unit is back together, in the same location.  Perhaps Martha and the children were away visiting at the time of the 1870 census.

Self   Royal H Hazleton M 60 Indiana, United States
Wife Martha A Hazleton F 41 Iowa, United States
Stepson Hale Boren M 14 Oregon, United States
Stepdaughter Emma Boren F 12 Oregon, United States
Other Charles Webber M 51 Germany
Son Royal Hazleton M 7 Oregon, United States
Other Harrison Hazleton M 29 Missouri, United States

Two stepchildren?  Something smells fishy here.  I take a look at the actual image and find that the indexer combined two households into one.   Here is how it actually looks:

297/292 Hazelton, Royal H. age 60 Farmer Indiana New York Mass.
              Martha A Wife age 41 born in Iowa
              Royal Son age 7 born in Missouri
298/293 Boren, Hale Stepson age 14 
              Emma Stepdaughter age 12
              Hazelton, Harrison age 29 Single Wagon Maker Missouri Indiana Iowa
              Webber, Charles age 51 Physician Germany Germany Germany
My conclusion is that Harrison is the stepfather(?) to Hale and Emma Boren.  You cannot trust an index to reveal the facts!

So back to the second Royal Harvey Hazelton.  A Royal Hazelton was a Sergeant in the 129th Regiment (Farnham's) New York Militia in the War of 1812, index card on  I wondered if he receive any land as a result of his service.  Checking reveals that Alpheus Hazelton did receive a patent on land just west of Republic, Greene County, Missouri in 1852.  Alpheus was Royal Harvey Hazelton's youngest brother, born 25 April 1799.  As far as I can find, Royal Hazelton did not receive any script from the War of 1812.    Royal's father was Paul Hazelton/Hazeltine who served in the American Revolution from Vermont.  This is a line that I would have to work to prove as no other person has joined NSDAR under Paul through his son, Royal.

Still going to be working on this line for a long while!