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Monday, June 17, 2013

Mystery Monday - Moller/Moeller/Mueller in Cole County, Missouri

I am working on solving a mystery I found by accident when perusing the Anderson County, Kansas court index online.

Here is the page from the Kansas guardianship of John F. Rockers, age 4.

The man is listed as John G F Moeller in the Kansas record.

Here is the Missouri estate settlement record listing the heirs.  Notice in Missouri the name is written as Moller.  J G Moller died Intestate and George T. White, Attorney at Law, was appointed Letters of Administration.

I cannot read the name of the deceased heir, * H. Moller.  The first letter is not 'J' but could be an 'A' as there was an Anton Moller in Jefferson City.

I then found this Notice of Sheriff's sale listing the heirs.

 Mary Moeller married John B. Schneeders.  I haven't identified Anne M. Moller but did find her in the census with the children listed here.  

So, was John G. F. Moller/Moeller a brother, uncle, father or grandfather to the heirs?  Harman H. Rockers married Margaret Anne Mueller at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Taos, Cole County, MO on 11 June 1861.  I haven't been able to identify the burial place for John Moller.  There is a will for Johann Gerard Moeller but it was written in 1868.  

I will be visiting the church above later today.  Any suggestions??

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