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Sunday, January 12, 2014

52 Ancestors: #2 Emma Jennie Hurt

Emma Jennie Hurt
1890 – 1974
Emma was the daughter of Bohemian immigrants Joseph P Hurt and Anna Vollmann.   Her parents immigrated in 1876, according to the 1900 US Federal Census.  Two books that I read are “A History of Czechs (Bohemians) In Nebraska”, compiled by Rose Rosicky, Czech Historical Society of Nebraska, Omaha, 1929 and Nebraska, Kansas Czech Settlers, 1891-1895, compiled by Margie Sobotka. “The second book is based on the extensive data gathered by Frank Mares as he traveled Nebraska and part of Kansas.  Mares’s data was published as articles in the Czech newspaper Hospodar in 1891-95.”  “My Antonia”, by Willa Cather is an interesting look at pioneer life on the Nebraska plains.  In the first book, the author writes “1877 – The Following Came:” this paragraph includes John Hurt (Oujezdec, Caslav) Anton Hurt (Dubina), and Vaclav Hurt (Caslav) among those who came to Nebraska that year.  John came to the U. S. aboard the ship S S Weser and is listed in the March 14, 1876 manifest in Steerage. Traveling with him is his family; Anna (14), Mary (9), Johann (8), Barbara (6), Franc (4), Anton (2) and Maria (39).  Anna Vollmann, age 15, arrived a year later aboard the SS Braunschweig and is listed on the ship’s manifest on 21 July 1877.  She is listed following the Anton Hurt family; Antonia (34) Franz (8), Clara (5), Zaraslav (3), and Antoinia (11/12). 

I haven’t been able to find the marriage record for Joseph Hurt and Anna Vollman but it I believe they married about 1879. I suspect that Joseph came to New York prior to his parents, John and Mary and his uncle, Anton. I also suspect that Joseph and Anna married in New York.  I don’t know when they came to Nebraska, but Emma was born in Omaha on the 28th of November 1890.  Joseph Hurt filed his declaration to become a citizen of the United States 14th day of September in 1890 and renounced his loyalty to the Emperor of Austria.  Joseph is listed in the 1890-1 Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91….published in Omaha: J M Wolf 9 & Co, Publishers, 509,510 Paxton Block. 1890.  This directory lists the name and P. O. Address of each farmer in the state. Joseph’s address is Kelso.  According to the 1900 US Census, Anna gave birth to eleven children, eight of whom are living.  I have only been able to identify seven of the eleven children.  Anna was struck by lightening in 1902 and killed.  Joseph remarried to Hannah Alice (nee Marsh) Kackel widow of John Kachel on the 9th day of May in 1909.  Joseph’s two youngest children, Mary and Lucy, were fifteen and nine years of age, respectively, at the time of the second marriage.


Emma married Samuel Oscar Louthan on the 25th
 day of April in 1908 in Taloga, Dewey Count, OK.  They reared their family of four boys and two girls, on the farm South of Chester, Major County, OK.  After Samuel died in 1952, Emma moved to town leaving one of her sons, Lester, to take care of the farm.  Emma had long black hair which she put into braids and wrapped around her head.  Even in her later years, she never had more than a few streaks of silver hair.  She made bread pudding that I dearly loved! Emma had a funny disposition and I enjoyed visiting her. They Louthan clan would gather on Saturday to enjoy homemade ice cream, with a different family hosting each time. These women made awesome pies to go with that ice cream.  I have heard lots of great stories from my dad about his family in Chester.  I don’t recall the exact year, but Lester moved to Chester and bought a house across the backyard of Emma’s around 1970.  Next door was the post office and then on down a few yards on the corner was Branstetter’s Grocery Store. The store was owned by Emma’s daughter, Lucille and her husband.  Emma passed away sitting on a bench inside that grocery store in the fall of 1974.

I would love to find out more about Emma’s mother and father, even after all these years of research; I cannot find anything on Anna Vollmann other than that entry in the ship manifest.  My intention (in 2006) was to hire a researcher in the Czech Republic to find some of the missing pieces.  Three moves later, I still haven’t followed up on the leads I found back then. 

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