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Saturday, February 1, 2014

52 Ancestors: #5 Electa Ann Mitchell

Electa Ann Mitchell

1836 - 1878

Electa Ann Mitchell was born in Rutland, Meigs County, Ohio to the Reverend James Gibson Mitchell and Sophia Williams on the 8th of November in 1836.  Her parents were natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio, respectively.  Her father proclaimed the Gospel in Ohio and Illinois as a minister of the Christian Church. She was married to William Cushing Hoag, a physician, on the 19th of April in 1855.  The ceremony was performed by her father.

Mary had three brothers, Benjamin, Rodney J and Byron Selah. and a sister, Phebe Elizabeth.  
Byron was a Civil War soldier and died at New Orleans
Tombstone in Glenwood Cemetery, Mackinaw, Tazewell County, IL

  Phebe died in Meigs County the 3rd of February 1853. Benjamin only lived a few months.

Electa and her husband move to Tazewell County, Illinois where they are enumerated in the 1860 census.
Within five years, they moved to the neighboring county, Mclean, living in the town of Danvers.  I always knew that they had two children, then on Find-a-grave, I find a tombstone for a Mary S Hoag.  It states daughter of W.C. and E. A. Hoag.  The stone has lichens on it so it is really hard read the lettering. The memorial states she died on the 21st of May in 1865.  Since this child was not enumerated with them in the 1860 census, I have to assume she was born between 1860 and 1865.  They could have had other children, but without death records, it is difficult to prove.  This child was not recorded in the Bible which leads me to believe that the entry for Jennie Hoag was added by my great grandfather, Jared.  Both entries for W. C. Hoag and Jennie Hoag appears to be in the same handwriting.  I don't have the Bible, just the Marriages, Births and Deaths pages from it.

William C Hoag's spinster sister, Abigail, lived with him until her death.  She was called "Aunt Nabby" by her nephew, Jared.  William set up his practice here and they reared two children, Jared and Jane Phoebe (Jennie). The children attended school in Danvers, Jared graduated from the School of Commerce.  His yearbook is was in excellent condition the last time I saw it.  My aunt in Oklahoma has it in her possession.

Between 1870 and 1880, her mother, Sophia Mitchell, came to live with them and stayed until her death on the 3rd of February in 1881. I found two memorials on Find-a-grave, one for Sophia and one for James C Mitchell.  I sent an edit request since the memorial ties the two together.  The stone for James looks like it could be a C or a G.  I sent a message to find out if the two stones are side-by-side.

Electa died of consumption on the12th of November is 1878  at the age of 42  years and 4 days.

William C Hoag died on the 23rd day of August in 1886 in his office.  They are both buried in the Glenwood Cemetery in Tazewell County.

I was able to get a copy of both death records from the McLean County Museum of History.  I haven't been successful in finding Jane's death record; the Mitchell family Bible records her death date at the 3rd of July in 1876.  I did find a memorial for her on Find-a-grave.  I have requested a photo.

The story of Mary Mitchell's father is written in the book, Early History of The Disciples in the Western Reserve, Ohio with Biographical Sketches of the Principal Agents in their Religious Movement by A. S. Hayden, Cincinnati: Chase & Hall, Publishers, 1875.  I downloaded  a digital copy of this book many years ago. Another book Reminiscences and Incidents in the Life and Travels of a Pioneer Preacher of the "Ancient" Gospel: With a Few Characteristic Discources: by Nathan J. Mitchell, Cincinnati: Chase and Hall, Publishers, No. 180 Elm Street, 1877 is  written by James G. Mitchell's brother.  The book tells the story of Nathan and his son, John Packer Mitchell. I have an original copy of the second book, although it lost its cover long before it fell into my hands.

I haven't connected with any Mitchell cousins.  Perhaps this blog will find some of them!

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    I found Byron Selah Mitchell in the Civil War database indexed as Byron L Mitchell