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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Alpheus Hazelton Intestate

I visited the Missouri State Archives twice in the past two weeks looking for a will for Alpheus Hazelton, my paternal 3rd great grandfather.  He was born in Indiana in 1824 and died near Republic, Greene County, Missouri. His father-in-law, William R. Rose, was appointed administrator by the court and Meredith and Richard Rose were appointed as surety on 27 February 1858.  Alpheus married Milbury Rose daughter of William and Elizabeth (Johns) Rose about 1844.  There seems be some confusion as to when Alpheus actually died. His youngest child, Nancy Mehitable Hazelton was born in 1857.  A memorial on Find-a-grave states that Alpheus died in Sept. 1856. A photo request has been submitted and I am still waiting on some kind soul to complete the request. I don't have a complete birthdate for Nancy.  Her tombstone shows only the years 1857-1903.
I don't have a death notice for Alpheus, so this is on my to-do list.  I have the probate case file showing how his estate was settled.

Here is the court entry for appointing the Roses to dispose of Alpheus' estate:

This is the first page of his entry in Will Book A, microfilm # C2555 at the Missouri State Archives.

Will Book A, next page top close up.

Close up of the bottom half of the page
From the probate case file #4086 
The probate case file, #4086, contained a bill dated September 3, 1856 from Dr. P. K. Miller who treated Alpheus and his children. Milbery received $200 from the estate April 6, 1859. Some have speculated that the date on the doctor bill was when Alpheus actually died.
Dr. Miller's bill
Milbury's receipt for $200

A close look at the date on the receipt shows it is 1859 and not 1857 as previously thought.  This is recorded in the book, "Rhea and Van Natta Families and Their Ancestors," by Lois Hupfer as 1857.  Since the probate wasn't filed until 1858, it is not possible for Milbury to have received any money from his estate prior to that year.

The Missouri Historical Society in Columbia, Missouri has the newspapers on microfilm.  A visit to do research is on my list. I need to find a death notice for Alpheus.  I believe he died unexpectedly, either due to illness or injury.

More questions than answers in this probate case!  

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