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Sunday, June 28, 2015

American Revolutionary War - Henry Hatevil Fall

I was asked to give a brief on my original patriot for my local NSDAR chapter.  I am not a public speaker by any stretch of the imagination but I needed to make it interesting by finding some facts about Mr. Fall. I used Google to search by his name and discovered he was known by his middle name, Hatevil.  Which leads me to believe his father may have been Henry also.

My initial search brought up this SAR web page "Graves Registry of the Empire State." This is the first time a burial location has been recorded anywhere for Hatevil. While it states "Norris Track Cemetery" no such place exists. I did find Morris Tract Cemetery, AKA Freeman Cemetery, on highway 125 between Brownsville and Chaumont.  Hatevil is not listed in this cemetery, perhaps his stone was never erected. In his pension file, found on Fold3, it states that his widow is destitute. His widow, Sarah Durham Fall, is buried in Giddingsville Cemetery.

Hatevil served in Massachusetts and I found an e-book, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War: A Compilation from the Archives, Volume 2, Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of State, - January 1, 1896 by Wright and Potter Printing Company, State Printers, free online at Google Books. All other hits I found in my search contain the information found in this publication.

I downloaded the pension file and began reading the pages. It clearly states his wife was Sarah Durham brother of Stephen Durham who also served in the American Revolution. I have seen reference in an NSDAR database that her name was Sarah Brace Durham; I have a transcription of an article for the newspaper that was published where she is referred to as Sarah Bruce Durham but not documentation to back it up.  In the pension file is a letter from her brother, Stephen, stating that Sarah lived with her father prior to her marriage to Hatevil. The United States Congress revised the acts related to Revolutionary Pensions several times and Sarah was allowed a widow's pension.

 One of the difficulties she incurred in her quest for a pension was two fold, she married after his service in the war and there was no record in the town hall of the marriage. Her brother stated in his oath that he was present at the marriage ceremony that was performed by a Lutheran minister. Sarah stated that her husband had a family Bible where he recorded their marriage and the births of their children. She also stated the Bible was destroyed in a house fire. 

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