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Monday, July 18, 2016

Ough Photos

 Percy Crowther Ough immigrated to the United States from England in 1900. His ticket was paid for by his uncle in Emporia, Kansas. He married Florence Bishop and they moved to McKenzie County, ND. There they remained for the rest of their lives. Ernest Manks Ough was their first born son.  Manks was the name of Percy's father. You can find all of this information on

These photos were in the collection left by Leonard L. Gregory, Jr. to his nephew. The connection to the Gregory/Whilhite family was unknown until a thorough search was conducted.  The family was found in the US Federal Census for the years 1920-1940. The WWI draft registration for Percy in 1918 was also discovered. They had two other sons, Edwin Thomas and Robert Louis as listed in the census schedules. Edwin died in 2012 and his obituary can be found online. Williston Herald Online 

Summer 1929, Edwin is 8 years old

According to the obituary, his mother was Florence Bishop and his father was Percy Ough. It lists all of his living nieces and nephews; children of his brother Robert.  He had a special friend but no children. He is buried in the Rawson Cemetery.

April 1918 Ernest Manks Ough

 Ernest Manks Ough lived in Idaho and enlisted in the Army Corps of Engineers in Twin Falls, 1940.  A marriage record in Reno, Nevada in 1980 for Ernest and Mary E Coulter was found on Family Search. Ernest died in Multnomah, Oregon in 1997. Ernest is buried in the Willamette National Cemetery.


June 1920 Ernest Manks Ough

Florence, Ernest and Percy Ough June 27, 1920

Florence and Percy are buried the the Rawson Cemetery along with Edwin. Florence was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bowles) Bishop who immigrated to the United States from England in 1872. According to the 1880 US Census taken in Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas; the children were listed in order oldest to youngest: Mary age 16; Hannah age 13; Sarah age 11; William age 8; James age 5; John age 3 and Frank age 1. Mary, the eldest daughter married Henry E. Wilhite and move to Kansas City. In the 1900 US Census in the same location, Frank is still at home and three younger siblings are listed: Harry age 17 (born June 1882), Bessie age 17 (born Jan 1883) and Florence age 16.  
This is all that remains of this photo of Thomas and Elizabeth Bishop and their family. Only six of the nine living children are visible. No names are listed on the back of the photo.

Robert Louis Ough enlisted in the army in WWII at Fort Snelling, MN for the duration of the war.

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