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Inspirational Message

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Oklahoma Wildifires - Hoag Genealogy

This passed two weeks has  been a nightmare for the residents of Dewey County, Oklahoma as the Rhea fire raged across from the west to the east. My elderly aunt has a farm in Dewey County and lost her home of 73 years. 
She is the eldest of seven children and was the original family genealogist.  For many years her attic was filled with her research and memorabilia she kept after her parents passed away. She also used chest freezers that no longer worked to keep her research safe from the elements.  Several years ago at a family reunion, my cousin and I visited with her about all these records.  She wanted them to go to the only male Hoag in the family.  Fortunately, not long afterwards she gave it all to him. I am eternally grateful, for if she had not, all would be lost.  
The house as it caught on fire.
All that remains are ashes.
Dewey County, Oklahoma after the fires.

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