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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Louthan Brick Wall

There are many Louthan lines in the US and I have tried unsuccessfully for nearly 30 years to break down my brick wall.  Here is what I found in original sources.

Hiram B Louthan married Harriett Matilda Hayes 27 February 1834 at Elk Run, Columbiana County, OH by the Rev Thomas Whitacre.

Hiram is listed in the Tax List for Gillford, Hanover Twp, Columbiana County, OH for 1836, 1837 and 1838.  Listed next to him is Moses Louthan in all three lists.  In 1838, these men are  added to the tax list: Samuel Louthan and another Moses Louthan.  It could be Moses Louthan owned property in two different locations so this could be the same person.

Hiram B Louthan is listed in the 1840 census in Columbiana County, OH page 42 film M704.

Harriet Matilda Louthan married William Ormiston 16 March 1846 at Barlow, Washington County, OH.

The Moses Louthan I have in my information married Catherine Hayes (Harriett's sister) about 1826.

A distant cousin has the family pages from Harriet's Bible and gave me some information.  She was very secretive as she wanted to publish a book.  This was many years ago and I have never heard of a book in publication.  According to the family pages, the children known are James Fife, Oliver Perry, John Cope, Margaret and Sarah.  Sarah died in 1845 but I have never found her burial location.  I have the descendants of these children located down through the 1930 census. I need to connect Hiram to his family.  One theory is that he is a brother to the Moses Louthan who married Catherine.  That Moses came from Pennsylvania and the family is well documented in the history books.

Can you help me knock down this brick wall?

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