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Inspirational Message

Monday, March 5, 2012

Louthan-Ellis Cousins!

I found a new cousin!  Searching on for Hiram Louthan (my brick-wall!) I found a grave positing with a photo of him.  I have a copy of this photo in my possession and was surprised to see it posted.  I contacted the poster of the photo.  The copy I have of the photo came from a Louthan in  Oklahoma. My grandparents did not have this photo in their old Bible, so I don't have an original nor a source for the photo. I sent an email to this cousin to exchange information on our individual lines.  He is descended from Margret (nee Louthan) Ellis, sister to my 2nd Great Grandfather, John Cope Louthan.  I found he has first cousins living in the same area of the country that I live in even though he is on the West Coast.  With the information he sent me, I now need to focus my search on Hiram in Washington County, OH instead of Columbiana County, OH.  Hiram is supposed to have died in 1845 around the same time his youngest child, Sarah, died.  I knew his widow remarried in 1847 in Barlow, Washington, OH but didn't know if Hiram died before she left Columbiana County or if they went to Washington County together.  I need to find a complete transcription of the Barlow Cemetery.  I have seen published on the Net that Hiram's parents were Mary Hamilton and John Louthan of PA.  No proof available I can find and the history of Beaver Co., PA doesn't list Hiram as one of their progeny. Also, family lore states Hiram was born in Loudoun Valley Virginia.  Again, no proof.  The Louthan line is prolific to say the least.  One man tried his best to sort them out and I have a copy of his manuscript with each line enumerated.  He does not connect my Hiram to any of the other Louthan lines.  I am hoping my new found cousin has some original source documents!

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