Inspirational Message

Inspirational Message

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Born Thy Name is Bud

Interesting correspondence with other Louthan/Ormiston/Palmer descendants revealed the naming tradition whereby the first born male is nicknamed 'Bud'.  I knew it was a tradition in the Louthan line but didn't know the reasoning as to who received the moniker.  I learned today, that the collateral lines of Ormiston and Palmer also continued this tradition.  Makes me wonder if it came from the Hayes line.  Harriett Hayes had a sister Catherine.  They married Louthan men.  Harriett's husband, Hiram, passed away and she then married an Ormiston.  Ormistons married Palmers.  Both Moses and Hiram had grandsons nicknamed Bud. I would really like to learn to whom the first 'Bud' nicknames were given.  Were the grandsons of these two men the first?

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