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Saturday, March 22, 2014

52 Ancestors: #12 Harriet Matilda Hayes

Harriet Matilda Hayes

1818 - 1884

Harriett Matilda Hayes was my third great grandmother and the daughter of Edmund Hayes and Sarah Whitacre.   Born in Columbiana County, Ohio on the 21st of October in 1818.  Her mother came from a Quaker family who migrated to Ohio from Loudoun County, Virginia.  Edmund was not of their faith so Sarah was disowned for marrying outside the faith.  Harriett was the eighth of ten children born to Edmund and Sarah.  She married Hiram B Louthan in Columbiana County, Ohio.  The entry in the marriage book states, 
H. Louthan & H. Hayes was married February 27, 1834 Hiram Louthan and Harriett Hayes by me, Thomas Whitacre, E. C. C.
Returned 10 April 1834 recorded by Clk. 
 Very little is known about the man she married, my third great grandfather.  Hiram and Harriett had five children, Oliver Perry, James Fife, John Cope, Sarah Jane and Margaret M between 1834 and 1844.  Sarah died about 1845 and apparently so did Hiram.  Burial place unknown.  Harriett's parents  moved to Washington County, Ohio  and Harriet is in Washington County and married to William Ormiston at the time of the 1850 census.  Their marriage took place there on the 13th of March in 1847. William was born in Scotland on the 25th day of June in 1824 to David Ormiston and Jane Bell.  The marriage record for Harriett and William Ormiston states,
William Ormiston to Harriet Louthan This is to certify that on the thirteenth day of March A. D. 1847 I joined in marriage Mr. William Ormiston and Harriet Louthan both of Barlow by virtue of a license for that purpose.  H N Ford Jp   Rec'd and recorded April 17 1847 Attest S M Evert Clerk
Try as I might, a death date and burial location for Hiram is no where to be found in either Columbiana County or Washington County.

Harriet and William Ormiston had eight children between 1848 and 1863.  I don't have a lot of information on these children in my database even though I have regular contact with one of their descendants.

Harriet's son, John Cope Louthan, married Anna Jane Haddow.  Anna Jane was the daughter of Robert Haddow and Janet Ormiston.  Robert and Janet were both born in Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1796 and 1799, respectively.  Janet's brother, David Ormiston. is the father of William Ormiston who married Harriet Louthan.  Confused yet?  So, I am genetically related to the Ormistons.  

Harriet's sons and husband, William, fought for Ohio in the Civil War.  I wrote to NARA and purchase copies of the pension files along with the pension file of their brother-in-law, Alexander Ellis.  I highly recommend purchasing these files for your ancestors.  They are a wealth of information.  John Cope participated in battles from Maryland to Georgia.  

Following the Civil War, John and Oliver Louthan  and Harriet and William Ormiston, moved their families to Linn County, Missouri.  Here is where Oliver remained along with his descendants.  I have yet to make contact with any of his living descendants, sadly.  John and his wife Anna, had seven children, only the first three survived to adult age, Samuel, Edwin and Robert.  Anna died in Linn County in 1881 and is buried in the cemetery at Purdin.  Harriet died there as well in 1884 and is buried in the same cemetery.  After Harriet died, William  married a woman named Adaline in 1886.  They moved to New Sharon, Mahaska County, IA where they are enumerated in the 1900 census.  William's occupation or source of income is listed as Pension. He too fought in the Civil War.  I do not have his pension file.  According to the 1895 Iowa State Census, William fought in Co. D., 148th Ohio Infantry rank of private.  Adaline was born in Ohio about 1833.  I checked for a marriage in Missouri or Iowa and came up empty.  I need to check the online family tree to see if there is more information available on William and Adaline.

John Cope Louthan remarried to Mary Ann Elizabeth Hale and they moved to Barber County, Kansas taking with them John's sons; Sam, Ed and Bert.  John and Mary Ann had ten children born in Kansas and Oklahoma. His brother, James was already living there with his family. Sister Margaret and Alexander Ellis were also living in Kansas, just north of Barber County in Stafford County.  I think these children stayed in touch throughout their lives, however, John's children did not stay in contact with any of their Louthan cousins.    Some of Harriet and William's children migrated to Seward County, Kansas and others stayed in Missouri.  

Harriet's descendants are as numerous as the stars in the sky!  I have been invited to the Ormiston reunion many times but have never made it.  Perhaps 2014 will be that year!

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  1. Hello Kathleen, Adaline's last name was Sharp, I believe.