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Inspirational Message

Monday, March 3, 2014

52 Ancestors: #9 Mitchell Hoag

Mitchell William Hoag

1890 - 1952

Mitchell grew up on his grandparents' farm in Oklahoma after his mother died. The grandparents homesteaded in the Land Run of 1893 and built a place on the prairie for themselves and their three young grandchildren who joined them just four years later. The children's father stayed in Kansas but kept in touch with his children.
Across the creek from the homestead was the farm of John Steinmetz.  A young Volga German emigrant who was granted a homestead on his farm in 1912.  John's sister, Mary, came to live with him when she tired of teaching school.  Mitchell's sister, Elsie, was already acquainted with John and introduced him to John's sister.  After courting for a few years, Mitchell wrote for her hand in marriage.

"Mitchel W. Hoag, Mutual, Okla. Motor Route B. Box 74.

Aug. 26, 1924.

Mr and Mrs. Steinmetz, Vivi, Oklahoma.

Kind Friends,

This is to inform you of Miss Mary’s and my plans of witch you maybe aware of

and I’m writing this on my part asking of you for her hand in marriage and companionship.

Trusting that you both will be willing to consent in helping us carry out our intend plans

and will ans. any questions you wish to ask.

Yours Respectfully,

Mitchell W.”

Their reply:

“Aug 21, 1924, Vici, Okla.

Mr. Mitchell W. Hoag,

Kind Friend-

Am writing, in ans to your letter asking the hand of our daughter.

It always seems difficult to give up one of the family.

But what ever your and her wishes, may be, are ours.

We only hope that the journey of your lives will be a success together.

We both are willing to help you in any way.

Yours Respectfully

Mr. and Mrs. J. Steinmetz.”
The two were wed in Woodward, Oklahoma on the 2nd of September in 1924, John and Elsie served as their witnesses.  After the wedding Mitchell and Mary traveled to Pike's Peak, Colorado is Mitchell's Ford Runabout.  She kept a journal of their trip and the many interesting things they saw and her impression of what she saw.  The trip took them a whole month to complete.

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