Inspirational Message

Inspirational Message

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank You, Aunt Florence

My aunt spent countless hours researching our family lines beginning back in the 1970s.  She proved our first NSDAR line back to Henry Hatevil Fall.  I didn't have much interest in genealogy back then, but when I did show interest she shared everything with me.  I received the Holly Bible and my great grandfather's scrapbook from her.  Both are tucked into archival safe boxes.  She keeps all of her paperwork in an old deep freeze, out in the bunk house, that doesn't work anymore.  She doesn't use the computer, she is 87, so it is up to me to preserve what she has shared. The Holly Bible family pages have been copied for the LDS library in Salt Lake City. You can find them online! I will always be eternally grateful for her efforts!

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