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Friday, September 14, 2012

James Franklin Hedrick 1887-1972

I have many documents filed away in paper file folders in storage totes that at one time were housed in a file cabinet.  Housing documents in totes makes them less accessible.  In my Hedrick file folder I have four documents:

  1. A typed obituary for James Franklin Hedrick.
  2. The marriage certificate copy for William Cowdry Hedrick and Nancy Hazelton from Greene County, MO 28 Dec 1877.
  3. The marriage record copy for Nancy E Logan and Thomas Hedrick from Greene County, MO 5 Oct 1852.
  4. The marriage record copy for James Franklin Hedrick and Myrtel Mae Paris from Major County, OK 31 Dec 1911.
This file also contains numerous funeral cards, handwritten letters , a wedding invitation from 1962 and a Christmas card. All were among the possessions of James Franklin Hedrick at the time of his death.  My grandmother kept these keepsakes in a basket with a lid.  This basket was handed down to my father and the contents were given to me.  I love reading the letters that were sent to Frank and Myrtle Hedrick.   Here is a transcription of the Obituary for James Franklin Hedrick.
James Franklin Hedrick was born March 20, 1887 at Stafford County, Kansas and passed from this life on July 29, 1972 at the Mooreland Community Hospital following a short illness at the age of 85 years, four months and nine days.
Mr. Hedrick moved with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William C Hedrick to the Chester Community in 1895.  He was eight years old at the time.  He has resided in this community ever since. 
He was married to Myrtle Paris on December 31, 1911 at the brides home east of Chester.  To this union was born 5 daughters and 1 son.
His occupation was farming but had been retired for a number of years due to his age.
He was a member of the Christian Church of Chester as long as it was active.  Later he attended and help the Assembly of God Church in Chester.  He made it a practice to read his Bible.  His faith was seen in his life.  His conduct was always Christian and it was a joy to be with him.  the songs he played on his violin were always Christian songs.
Woodcarving was his hobby.  He carved farm animals and building, wagons and other objects of the farm.  He made violins patterned after the Stradivarius.  He gave such violins to each of his children and to many of his grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by his wife who died January 3, 1965.
Those who remain to mourn his passing are five daughters; Lila Louthan, Chester; Lula Long, Fairview; Helen Inderlied, Buffalo; Leota Louthan, Chester and Leora Hill, Chester; one son, Bill Hedrick of Chester; one brother, George of Chester; two sisters, Miss Leota Hedrick and Mrs. Florence Walker both of Pratt, Kansas; sixteen grandchildren, twenty-seven great grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.  Frank will be greatly missed by his family and community. 
Frank  is buried in the Orion Cemetery located in Section 10 Township 20 N Range 15 West in Major County next to his wife, Myrtle.  Frank's parents (William and Nancy Hedrick) and grandmother (Nancy Logan Hedrick) are buried in the Chester Cemetery located in Section 11 Township 20 N Range 16 West also in Major County.

My parents have one of Frank's violins.  I can remember Great Grandpa Hedrick playing his violin.

One of my memories, each Saturday he and his friend, Sam Lawton, sat on a bench in front of Branstetter's Store in Chester and gave quarters to each child who came to the store.   That was a lot of money for a kid in the late 60's and early 70's.  Candy bars were big and you could buy one for a nickel.  Of course, we spent our quarters inside the store!

Chester is a small community located at the crossroads of US Hwy 60 and US Hwy 281 in Oklahoma.

I love going through my paper files!  They are full of clues that need to be followed to lead me to the next great discovery!  Genealogy research is never finished and there are many forks in the road to be explored!
Love the hunt!

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