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Inspirational Message

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandma's Auction

About twelve years ago, my grandmother remarried following the death of my grandfather.  Her new husband insisted she had to sell all of her and grandpa's possessions since her new spouse had a house full and she would be moving into his house.   So, off I went to bid at my grandmother's auction.  I had made a list of those items I saw on the sale bill.  Among the items I purchased at the sale was my great grandmother's glass butter churn which sits in my china cabinet.  I don't remember seeing great grandma make butter, but I did see grandma make butter with it.  Grandma had a Jersey milk cow that she milked everyday.  Her cream separator was in the storm cellar so she had to carry the pail of milk down the cement steps.  Grandma always let the cream sour before making butter, perhaps this was how her mother made it.  I never liked the taste of grandma's butter nor did I like drinking fresh cow's milk.
I also purchased a .22 rifle.  I thought is was Grandpa's but it turns out it belonged to my dad.  I am keeping it for my grandsons.
At any auction, there are the trailer loads with boxes of treasures.  I bought a box that contained Grandpa's shaving brush, mug and razor.  I watched him many times lathering up the soap in the mug before applying it to his face and then shaving.
Another box contained Grandma's spoon rest which always had a prominent place on her kitchen stove.
I have special memories of staying with my grandparents during the summer and relive them each time I look at the butter churn or her spoon rest.  Those were great days!

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  1. Wow! What an interesting story. It's great you were able to buy the treasures that you did.